5 Reasons Why RIU Hotels & Resorts Really are for Every Traveler


5 Reasons Why RIU Hotels & Resorts Really are for Every Traveler

Many hotel and resort brands like to say they’re perfect for every type of traveler, but RIU Hotels & Resorts really are. Here are five reasons why.

1. Flexibility for Families

RIU has the best inclusions for family travel, such as booking flexibility, family room categories and, the most exciting, kids stay free at select resorts traveling until December 23, 2021! Kids love RIU resorts because when they stay with us, they get to enjoy all the ice cream they want. Parents love RIU resorts because their kids have a blast (and stay busy) at our RiuLand Kids Club and Kids Splash Water World Slides.

2. We Make It Easy for Solo Travelers

We offer great perks for adults and solo travelers, given that solo travelers can stay at any RIU resort traveling until October 26, 2021 without paying the single supplement fee! Adults Only resorts are ideal for solo travelers and all adults because they can enjoy a fun and relaxed environment with infinity pools, spa treatments and Splash Water World aquatic parks.

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