20 Delicious Experiences That Should be on Every Foodie’s Bucket List


20 Delicious Experiences That Should be on Every Foodie’s Bucket List

Do you love food so much that you would literally travel… for food? You’re not alone. There’s nothing we love more than eating our way through a destination. So much so that we have an epic range of Real Food Adventure trips all around the world. To celebrate them, we’ve collated a definitive list of must-have foodie experiences. They’re a little different, they’re culturally immersive, and they’re all available on our food trips.

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1. Harvest farm-fresh vegetables and make a traditional gozleme (Turkish stuffed flatbread)

Where: Bodrum, Turkey
Trip: Turkey Real Food Adventure, day 4

2. Bake Macedonian pastries in a village cooking class

Where: Janche, Macedonia
Trip: The Balkans Real Food Adventure, day 7

3. Indulge in a vegan street food breakfast in Delhi

Where: Chandni Chowk, Delhi, India
Trip: India Vegan Food Adventure, day 2

4. Join a traditional Japanese tea ceremony

Where: Kyoto, Japan
Trip: Japan Real Food Adventure, day 11

5. Make Moroccan salad at a cooking school that empowers underprivileged women

Where: Marrakech, Morocco
Trip: Morocco Real Food Adventure, day 11

6.Tour Phnom Penh’s markets with a local chef

Where: Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Trip: Cambodia Real Food Adventure, day 4

7. Sit down to a home-cooked meal (with vodka!) with a family in St Petersburg

Where: St Petersburg, Russia
Trip: Russia Real Food Adventure, day 2

8. Try the real KFC (Korean Fried Chicken) paired with maekju (Korean beer)

Where: Seoul, South Korea
Trip: South Korea Real Food Adventure, day 1

9. Learn all things coffee on a local Peruvian farmstay

Where: Coffee farmstay, near Huayopata, Peru
Trip: Peru Real Food Adventure, day 6

10. Visit a tahini factory and learn how to make knafeh (a traditional Arab dessert)

Where: Nablus, West Bank, Palestinian Territories
Trip: Israel & the Palestinian Territories Real Food Adventure, day 5

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11. Enjoy Iranian cooking at a local family’s home

Where: Yazd, Iran
Trip: Iran Real Food Adventure, day 5

12. Enjoy Vietnamese home-cooking with a local family in the Mekong Delta

Where: Mekong Delta, Vietnam
Trip: Vietnam Real Food Adventure, day 10

13. Make pasta from scratch like a local in Italy

Where: Bologna, Italy
Trip: Italy Real Food Adventure, day 3

14. Explore the local farms and cooking of Rajasthan

Where: Bijaipur, India
Trip: India Real Food Adventure, day 7

15. Learn the art of khachapuri, Georgia’s irresistible cheese bread

Where: Tbilisi, Georgia
Trip: Armenia and Georgia Real Food Adventure, day 9

16. Harvest your own spring onions to make Taiwan’s iconic scallion pancake

Where: Yilan, Taiwan
Trip: Taiwan Real Food Adventure, day 6

17. Sample port in… you guessed it… Porto

Where: Porto, Portugal
Trip: Portugal Real Food Adventure featuring Galicia, day 3

18. Browse a Sri Lankan fish market for the freshest seafood around

Where: Negombo, Sri Lanka
Trip: Sri Lanka Real Food Adventure, day 2

19. Dive into spicy Szechuan hotpot like a local

Where: Chengdu, Sichuan, China
Trip: China Real Food Adventure, day 1

20. Take a taco (and tequila!) crawl in Mexico City

Where: Mexico City, Mexico
Trip: Mexico Real Food Adventure, day 1

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